Every now and then it’s refreshing to avoid the queues in the ever-increasing number of sandwich shops and butty bars in the city centre and go for an honest pub lunch.

There are few better places to settle down for an hour or so than at Ye Hole In Ye Wall on Hackins Hey, a bit of a jigger off Dale Street opposite North John Street. This is more than just a back street boozer – it’s Liverpool’s oldest public house dating back to the start of Liverpool’s maritime heyday in 1726.

Sitting with a pint of Liverpool’s finest, you can’t help but feel these walls contain many a story. The cellar for example is not downstairs but on the first floor as the pub is built on an old Quaker burial site!

With consecrated ground comes tales of ghosts and this old coaching house can boast at least two. There’s a cowled figure of a ghost shuffling across the portals – often mistaken for one of the regulars. Many a customer have felt the ghostly presence, and a tale doth tell of the ghost of a Spanish sailor in the 18th century who was stabbed in the pub for not taking the King’s shilling.

More recently – as late as 1977 - this particular haunt became one of the last to open its doors to women. Today Ye Hole in Ye Wall you’ll be pleased to hear serves good beer and the finest selection of 7 cask ales, which washes down the pub fayre of proper chips with everything – hearty and no nonsense food with great gravy too! But the food is not the only reason for a visit. There is an air of calm and tranquility of bygone times.

Ye Hole in Ye Wall is a PROPER PUB. It’s a small, well kept and tidy pub with old Liverpool scenes on the wall lots of brass, beautiful wood panelling, stained glass, a cozy real flame fire and warm welcoming staff.

Ye Olde Hole is what every real pub should be… and here’s to the next couple of centuries of great beer, terrific food and the famous Liverpool hospitalty.